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Riley’s comics bibliography. From goofy superheroes to bloody histories and everything in between.

SPQR Issue 1

It is 69 CE; the death of Nero has thrown the Roman Empire into chaos. Several powerful generals have been proclaimed as Emperor by their legions and march on Rome to lay claim to the title Augustus. On the frontier of the Empire, a tribe of starving nomads, seeking food and supplies, have crossed into Roman territory. Ara, a young hunter and eager warrior, is among them and longs to fight against the famous steel men of Rome. He will receive his wish far sooner than he expects.

  • Story & Letters by Riley Hamilton
  • Art by Samrat Das
  • Inks by Rowel Roque
  • Colours by Lucas Aparicio

The Ghosts of Sextilis

 The Second Punic War has raged on for 2 years. The Carthaginian   army has invaded Italy and now threatens Rome itself. Novius Iteius,   a centurion in the Roman army leads his new recruits into battle       against Hannibal, Rome’s greatest enemy.

  • Story & Letters by Riley Hamilton
  • Art by Diego Guerra

Comics Credits

  • Gael Force Issue 1 (2015) – Letterer & Editor
  • Gael Force Issue 2 (2016) – Writer & Letterer
  • Gael Force Issue 3 (2017) – Writer
  • SPQR Issue 1 (2021) – Writer & Letterer
  • Ghosts of Sextilis (2022) – Writer & Letterer

Anthology Credits

  • Project Big Hype Volume 2 (Jumpstart Comics, 2022)
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