Riley Hamilton Comics

Who is Riley?

Riley is a Canadian comic book writer and letterer. He has always been fascinated by history and learning about ancient cultures. He studied history in university and enjoys incorporating history into his stories. 

He is a regular contributor to Sequential Magazine, a Canadian indie comics magazine that highlights the work of Canadian indie comic creators, and loves talking comics whenever he gets the chance.

Riley is a member of the Historical Comics Collective, a group of comic writers, artists, and creators who use comics to explore history in both fictional and non-fictional contexts. 

Comics Portfolio

Sample Scripts (Google Doc format, click on the title below)

Terran 20K – A death race through a dead Earth in the late 30th century. Tons of dust, space lasers, and the odd bolt of lightning.

Sample Pitches (Google Doc format, click on the title below)

Depths of St. Eloi – Horror short set during the First World War following two miners attempting to detonate a mine shaft before an attack but are lost in the endless darkness.

CCO 3268 – Ocean’s Eleven in space, following a small crew attempting to steal a priceless artifact from a mansion party on Jupiter.

Sample Lettering (Google Doc format, click on the title below)

Ghosts of Sextilis – The first page of a short about the Battle of Cannae.

Terran 20K – The fourth page for the Terran 20K short. 

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